How to manage your eBooks on Windows with Calibre

eBooks on Windows with Calibre

If you want to manage your eBooks collection on your Windows PC, then Calibre provides a simple way to do this. Calibre is an eBook application suite for PC and available for free to download. Apart from managing your eBooks, the app also allows you to create, read, and edit eBooks. Also with this it also supports many types of eBooks format. You can sync eBooks contents to other eBook readers and eBook reader apps too. Here is how to get this fantastic app and manage your eBooks.

How to Download Calibre on your computer

To manage your eBooks collection, download the Calibre program on your device. Follow the steps to download and install Calibre:

1.    Open your favorite browser.

2.    Visit the link “”

3.    Click the ‘DOWNLOAD CALIBRE’ button.

4.    A new page will open with available versions and platforms of the software.

5.    Click the ‘Window logo’ to download in on your Windows computer.

6.    Choose a location to download the software, if required.

7.    Wait for Calibre setup file to download complete.

8.    Double click on the Calibre setup file to start installing.

9.    Install it with the on-screen instructions.

10.    Open ‘Calibre,’ after installation.

Double click the ‘Calibre’ icon on the desktop to launch the program. If you’re unable to find the icon, open ‘Start’ and search for ‘Calibre.’

How to Add your Books

Calibre supports various file formats of eBooks, you can add most of your books to the app.

1.    Open the ‘Calibre’ app.

2.    Click on the ‘Add books’ icon at the top-left corner.

3.    Navigate to the folder your books are stored.

4.    Click or control-click to select the books you want to add to the app.

5.    Click ‘Open.’

6.    In the middle section, you can see your added books.

You can sort your books according to the rating, date, title, author, publisher, etc. by clicking on the above tabs of the section.

How to View and Read your Books

With Calibre you can open and read most of the type of eBooks.

1.    Open the ‘Calibre’ app.

2.    In the list of the books, click on a book you want to open.

3.    At the right side panel, details of the book will display including author name, file format and book cover.

4.    Double click on a book in the book list to open it.

5.    The book will open on your screen.

Now, you can start reading your book, simply scroll down to move through pages. There are also some tools also given on the left side.

How to remove your books

If you’ve added a wrong book in Calibre book list or you want to remove a book for any reason, use these steps.

1.    Open the ‘Calibre’ app.

2.    In the list of the books, click on a book you want to remove.

3.    After selecting a book to remove, click the ‘Remove books’ (recycle icon) button in the header menu.

4.    A window will open confirming you ‘Are you sure?’.

5.    Click ‘OK’ to remove the book.

That’s it! The selected book will remove from your Calibre books list.

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